Welcome to the website of the Practical Nursing Education in Rural Settings: Promising Practices project. This project is a joint endeavour of Bow Valley College, NorQuest College, Northern Lakes College, and Red Deer College. The project goal is to address the problem of educational access for learners in rural or underserved areas.

This website is an online resource of scholarly and field research presenting promising practices from practical nurse (PN) education programs. It is directed to PN program administrators and faculty, policy-makers, and key stakeholders interested in reaching learners in rural and underserved areas.  The website is a guide to (re)developing PN programs in ways that attract and retain learners from diverse locations and situations. It has been designed to enable users to skip and scan through the content; however, users may find the first section, "Leadership and Infrastructure," a good place to start.

This resource addresses the following:

  • Institutional leadership and infrastructure for distributed learning
  • Program delivery methods
  • Faculty support in developing and teaching distributed learning PN programs
  • Support for learners in distributed learning PN programs

This project was funded by Alberta Advanced Education and Technology, Access to the Future Fund.